Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What if there is no better or best in Divine Mind?

What if there is only personal preference, which makes it appear to be so?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What if one of the most egotistical sins I can commit...

...is believing you "NEED" me to help you?

From the perspective of divine love and true value, you are created equal to me.  In each moment you have access to the very same present moment of pure potential that I do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What if the only thing keeping us from experiencing...

...our divine, eternal nature and self is that we thought/believed it was not possible?

Now with the advent of knowing we are divine and eternal, imagine what that sort of belief tells our physical body.

Okay, I was thinking about how in the big picture since I am not a scientist or a doctor or anything like that (and they can't all seem to agree on everything anyway), in the past when I was told that my physical body must some day decay and fail me and "ta da" I'm dead...so what was a girl to do but believe it.

Now I am beginning to learn that this may not be the case at all.  The truth may be that my entire physical body is regenerated every 7 years to the point that even though my consciousness makes it appear I am still the same body, in truth I am not.

What's a girl to believe?

I figure since the truth seems to be that my mind, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, etc. have the power to influence how my body functions (whether flowing and glowing with well-being or something less than that), why not believe what seems to be the most empowering and harmonizing with well-being. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What if I practiced something like yoga, for instance, but had no idea...

...what the benefit of doing so was supposed to be, would I still end up with the same result?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What if knowing the truth that we are technically as Holy and Divine...

...in the eyes of Divine Love Intelligence as his Holiness the Dalai Lama, we started seeing ourselves this way and being accordingly?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what if the ultimate mind f*** is...

...the illusion we "own" something...anything.

The older I become in physical earth years the more I realize how much of the beliefs I've "bought" have been pure crap...pure fiction.

All of this has got me pondering then if the ultimate mind f*** is the illusion we "own" anything permanently.  Or if anyone does?  And would we really desire to anyway?

I'm just saying...I mean writing...

...especially if you think you may be the first or only one to ever have a certain idea.  If we truly are all part of one heart and one mind then don't all of us over 13 billion human beings have access to the same mind...the same data...the same ideas?  Plus, I don't know every human being to find out if I am the first.  All I may ever  know is it is new in my awareness, most likely.

And if it is the truth that we are all "part" of the same one heart and one mind, to feel or think I have ownership to something that belongs to the one mind or one heart, well...

It is my finding out about the Universal Law known as the Right of Consciousness that has me pondering such things. 

Right of Consciousness Knowledge: "While it appears external rules govern who owns what, the prevailing law is the Right of Consciousness.  I must love it, know I deserve it and hold a vision for healthy, joyful use of it. Then it comes to me easily.  When I am joined with something I truly deserve by my mental, emotional and spiritual alignment--it is mine by Universal Law.  No one can interfere.  Remember, I am under no laws but God's."  (This quote is from Alan Cohen's book, Relax Into Wealth.)

Now you know about it too.

Tag.  You're it!

What if you become so caught up in a fulfilled dream...

...for example, you love blues music and you think you play a little and might not be too bad at it and one day you get to jam with Eric Clapton or BB King, and this is such a thrill you don't realize how much it is equally the thrill and dream fulfilled for Eric Clapton or BB King.  Like I say, without an audience it is simply them playing with them self and we already know what that means.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What if there were no TV, radio, computers, newspapers, blogs and the like...

...and living in Southern California like I do where I rarely see rain or snow or anything but sun, sand and surf...would I assume this is the way it is for everyone...everywhere?

What if when you forgive, whether you or another, then...

...the memory of what you are forgiving is erased from your memory forever?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What if everything we enjoy ingesting is good for us unless...

we've "bought" the belief it's bad for us.

In America a diet rich in butter, cream and other so called fattening things will make you fat and give you heart disease.  Not in Europe.

The so-called experts on cause (if you do this then that) can't seem to agree.  And we are learning that something observed changes simply by the act of being observed.

The same two people can eat the same things every day for a year and not have it effect them in the same way.  What if the decision on what is good or bad for us isn't absolute and is totally driven by belief.  And instead of finding out for ourself, or more importantly simply deciding for our self (as Supreme Ruler of our own Right of Consciousness, by Universal Law, Kingdom/Queendom); through our upbringing we've been conditioned to blindly agree with the "experts" or the collective consciousness until we don't.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What if the best offense is no defense?

One of my favorite things Deepak Chopra has ever written is about the power of defenselessness in living a more spiritual peaceful life.

As I was thinking of this take on the "best offense is a good defense", I actually feel the best way to describe defenselessness is that it doesn't include an offense or a defense.  We are not here to convert anyone or save anyone or convince anyone.  We are free to choose what will be for us in our Kingdom/Queendom, which is our own personal consciousness by virtue of the Universal Law, Right of Consciousness.  The only one we need to convince is our self.  We support our choice to our self while allowing others to do the same for their self.

Peace out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What if the only thing keeping us from experiencing Heaven on Earth...

...is our belief we aren't?

What if present desires are simply...

...future memories in disguise?

What if spiritual practices can't, don't or won't make you more spiritual...

...because the TRUTH of who you are as a child of Divine Love is already spiritual? 

What if every seeming "bad" or unwanted thing that shows up in our life...

shows up simply looking for our forgiveness and love, which then transforms it into something lovely?

What if we all understood it was never our intent or...

our job to "save" anyone because each of us is a child of Divine Love?

What if we simply love everyone and everything all the time?

What if in the moment stopping to decide whether...

...you agree or disagree with something is the actual cause of resistance, deterring the flow?

What if right here and now YOU KNOW...

...the TRUTH is YOU ARE flowing and glowing well-being...always have been...always will be, would your future present moment decisions based on joy, love and peace (instead of perceived "have to's")?

What if you feel some things are Divine and...

...others are not, is that judgment?